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‘The green bag fairy prefers finding artificial Christmas trees’, he says –  ‘something to do with the needles!’  ‘So that’s over 500 bags in the first four months of the year.’  ‘Parking at Tesco when I saw a chap walking towards traffic lights, he stopped to mess with something in his pocket. He then threw down a piece of paper, before crossing the road. I dashed out of the car and called him, only a few feet away. He ignored me. So I shouted “I think you’ve dropped a fiver” he stopped immediately and started back. I put the paper in his hand and he started to thank me “I thought it was….” and looked down. Nuff said. I didn’t say anything just left him looking!’

These are typical of the comments left on Quick Topic (QT), an online message board used by a dedicated group of free range litter pickers christened Lone Rangers working under the umbrella of Rossendale Civic Pride in Lancashire.

Keen to help to reduce the amount of litter but unable or unwilling to join in regular twice weekly sessions there are now more than a dozen of them who simply don a hi-viz vest, pull on a pair of gloves, pick up the litter picker and off they go.

The great benefit is being able to do solitary litter picking without feeling like a ‘billy-no-mates’ – out there picking up litter in isolation. Equally, feedback on grot spots, rants about litterbugs and thanks for help play an important part.

QT is a free service which requires minimal information and is easy and fast to set up.  Membership is by invitation only, from the originator of the topic, posts can then be made by email or direct from the site.  If you feel your group will benefit visit www.quicktopic.com to learn more.

Thanks to Rossendale Civic Pride Group for this article

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  1. I so empathise with you about your concerns for your beaches. When it is a hot sunny day here in Lee-on-the-Solent I have so many mixed feelings. Of course we all love the sunshine but I know what carnage it will bring to our beautiful shoreline too so I am left hoping that the sun won’t shine for too long ! I know of others who feel the same.

    I find myself avoiding even going for a walk along the Promenade as I know what negative emotions it will bring on me. Perhaps I care too much.

    At the end of the day I may go and help the one council operative in removing some of the rubbish but I am boiling with rage, tinged with sadness. It is frustrating not to have someone to vent these emotions on to as those responsible have simply left.

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