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Dear Litter Action Members

This is the first posting of our new monthly “Guest Blog”. The Guest Blog will involve inviting a different person each month to write a few paragraphs on a litter-related topic close to their heart – there will then be the facility for everyone to submit comments on what the Guest Blogger has written and for a discussion to start. We hope that this will provide a facility of great interest to all of you connected to LitterAction and also allow the facility for us all to share our views.

We welcome as a Guest Blogger anyone at all with an interest in tackling the  country’s litter problem. So that could be one of you or it could be someone you know in your community or it could be someone well-known and in the public eye. The idea is to initiate discussions about the really key aspects of the litter scene, so if anything litter-wise gets your hackles up and you would like to let off steam or if you have any great ideas that you would like to share with other volunteer groups, we’d love to hear from you. We already have kind offers from a number of you who have said that you are happy to write a blog article for LitterAction.

We would like to ask you, please, to let us know at info@litteraction.org.uk if you have any bright ideas about anyone you know (or anyone you know of) who would make a good Guest Blogger. And we would also appreciate any ideas from you about how we can make the Guest Blog work well.

So – please put your thinking cap on and let us have all your ideas. Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

George and Will


  1. Hello- I have an idea for a series of posters for an anti litter/fly tipping campaign based on a campaign I saw in Australia some years ago. Basically the posters are photos of the interior of a home- sitting room, kitchen, bedrooms etc with photos of flytips/litter superimposed- photoshopped- so it looks as if the rubbish is in the house!
    Basically the poster reads- you wouldn´t do this at home.. so why do it in the countryside?
    If anyone is handy with photoshop and can come up with some interesting pictures.. and some interesting titles for the pictures.. it would be a good idea to share and start a campaign.
    The campaign in Australia apparently had a lot of success, it also included a short film of people littering their house….!
    Best regards

  2. Could we have a ‘photo corner’ where members email photos of some of the most littered patches in their area?
    I am not a member of a group, butfor some time I have contacted by email, the person concerned (if I can find out who owns the problem area) to ask if they can possibly clean up.
    I am having a good sucess rate so far with this method.

  3. Andrew Edgington

    Good idea to get a guest blogger in from time to time. My biggest bugbear is public bodies who fail to use the legal powers at their disposal to take action against people who litter, and complain about not having the time or resources to do it! I’ve pestered my local council about this, and the Highways Agency re a local motorway. The powers are there!! We are doing our bit for nothing !! Why don’t the authorioties do theirs??

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